Sharing Sunday- Fathers Day Special

This weeks Sharing Sunday is a little bit different because in honour of Fathers day- we’re hearing from…a dad!

Peter (aka Martha’s Dad!) has shared his experience of having a new baby and supporting his wife Terri with breastfeeding. Dads, your experience may be very different to mum’s, but your support is incredible and your stories matter so much to us!

Here’s Peter’s…

Supporting Terri with breastfeeding was easy at the beginning. I think it’s natural, it’s the way mum and baby bond and more beneficial than formula – what with how mum is passing on antibodies, immunity… We are mammals and that’s what breasts are for. They are not just fun bags! Breastfeeding helps us respond to what baby needs. I ensured she had everything she needed…remote control, drinks, food. Made a flask of tea before work so she had at least one hot drink. It helps to see breastfeeding as perfectly normal to do in public and being a daddy bear ready to growl at anyone suggesting any different. I loved being proud and not ashamed when my wife was feeding in public. read more

Topic Tuesday-You, me and Empathy

First Published on as part of the Topic Tueday series on 11/06/19.

Each week there seems to be a different ‘day’ that we are recognising. And whilst we are probably not too interested in the Garfield the Cat Day (17th June if you are interested) today is…….. <drum roll>

Empathy Day……. and this is definitely one BfT can get on board with.

Empathy is the very essence of what we do.

“Can you describe empathy?” Is one of the first questions we ask our new trainees as they are working towards being BfT volunteers. And it can take a while for them to really get their heads round it. Empathy is so much more than feeling sorry for someone, or imagining how the other person is feeling. True empaths put themselves in the position of the other person and can relate to how that person is feeling within that situation- and we’ve got an office full of empaths!!! read more

Meet The Team- Julia

Hi, I’m Julia and I’ve got one daughter who’s 2 and a half. When she was about 8 months old I did the level 2 peer support training as I wanted to do something valuable with my time and felt supporting breastfeeding is really important.

When I qualified I started by volunteering mainly at Atherton breastfeeding group and going on the ward once a month. I have recently finished the level 3 peer support course and have branched out quite a bit and tried lots of different areas – antenatal, live chat…it’s been really interesting exploring the different ways we support. read more

Topic Tuesday- Over to you for Volunteers Week!

It’s Volunteers Week, so Topic Tuesday this week had to be a little shout out to our volunteers!

We’re so proud of our volunteers as we know what a difference they make to families’ lives.

Our fantastic volunteers enable BfT to provide 24 hour support to families, and offer them support throughout their breastfeeding journey, from antenatal bonding to stopping breastfeeding a toddler!

It’s women supporting women, women empowering women, and it’s a very special something to be part of. read more

💕Sharing Sunday-Volunteers Week Special💕

First published on to mark the start of volunteers week 2019, celebrating our 2 most recent ‘Volunteer of the Year’ winners.

Amy’s Story

After having great support with my 1st child from the day after he was born until he was a toddler and regularly attending my local breastfeeding groups and seeing the need for support and information I decided to train as a peer supporter. I already volunteer in the community and as most people knew I breastfed they asked for information and Iwanted to be able to give the correct information and help them further when needed.
I enjoyed the training and met lots of new friends. I have tried lots of the different volunteer roles, antenatal classes, baby boxes, the hospital maternity ward, live chat and breastfeeding support groups and they are all interesting and rewarding. It’s great to help mums make an informed choice and achieve their feeding goals. Having now fed two children and come up against a few difficulties myself this gives me empathy and understanding of the mums and I’m proud to be part of a service that are there as a listening ear when mums need us. 
read more

Meet the Team- Sarah

Hello, my name is Sarah. I have 3 boys, a 5 year old, Oliver and 2.5 year old twins- Henry and Toby. My breastfeeding journey on both occasions was very different! With my eldest everything went to plan, and I had a relatively straight forward feeding journey. With Henry and Toby things couldn’t have been any different. I was supported in the community by Breastfeeding Together, my peer supporter was a crucial source of support for me. It was this vital support which made me want to complete my level 2 peer support training to support other families and give something back.
I have been volunteering for Breastfeeding together for almost 2 years now, delivering antenatal workshops (most recently our breastfeeding multiples workshop!), supporting mums on the maternity ward, at groups across the borough and live chat sessions. I have also been a community supporter for 18 months, visiting mums in their homes postnatally. I feel so lucky to be able to give women support and information with their feeding choices at such an emotional and special part in their lives.
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Topic Tuesday- When 2 becomes 1

First published on as part of the Topic Tuesday series. Hands up! Who’s baby has a preferred boob? 

It’s something we hear a lot when we’re out and about supporting mothers.
That baby fusses more on one side, they don’t feed as effectively on one side or that they don’t feed at all on one side. Lots of mums get quite worried about this, that it’s going to cause problems. It does seem to be a thing that babies have a preferred breast.

Perhaps mum is more comfy holding baby in her more dominant hand. Perhaps baby is, for example if they’re a bit bruised from birth, they might be more comfortable on a certain side. read more