Breastfeeding drop-in groups are a key part of the support offered to breastfeeding mothers in Wigan.

We have updated the page to show the new locations and details for all of our support groups.  We have a group running every day (Mon-Fri) across the borough.

Groups are also the ideal place to meet other breastfeeding mums, have a chat and share your own experiences. They are a great start if you are feeling apprehensive about feeding in public. Sometimes they’re just an excuse to get out of the house (the days are short but the hours can be long when you’re on your own with a little one.)

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Breastfeeding Together Host “Big Latch On”

Breastfeeding Together hosted the ‘Big Latch On’ 2017 at Pennington Park in Leigh On Friday 4th August at 9.45-11am, with a great turnout for the event. We had:

  • Total mothers – 28
  • Total children being breastfed – 24
  • Total people attending – 73

The Global Big Latch On takes place at registered locations around the world, where women gather together to breastfeed and offer peer support to each other. Their friends, family and community join this celebration to promote and support breastfeeding.

Volunteers from within the local community host each location. Hosting a Global Big Latch On creates a lasting support network between people in the local community, and on a national and international scale.

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Joxytales signs up to Breastfeeding Friendly Award 

Congratulations to Joanna and the team at Joxytales who have just signed up to our breastfeeding friendly award. They run classes for babies and children all over the borough. Pop over to their Facebook page to find out more. 

If you are interested in signing up to our breastfeeding friendly award or to find out more information visit 

Apply To Be Breastfeeding Friendly

Breastfeeding Flash Mob And More – Celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Wigan charity Breastfeeding Together has put together an exciting programme of events for Breastfeeding Awareness month in June.

Breastfeeding mums past, present and future, and supporters of breastfeeding including dads and grandparents, are encouraged to come along to the events across the Wigan borough.

Events include the annual flash mob at Wigan’s Grand Arcade, a picnic at Pennington Park in Leigh, an information stall in Spinning Gate shopping centre, and parties at all the local breastfeeding groups. There is also a grand prize raffle with prizes including play centre vouchers, mum and baby fitness classes, cinema vouchers and meals out.  Please see the attached timetable of events for more details and addresses for our events throughout the month.

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