Meet the Team- Sarah

Hello, my name is Sarah. I have 3 boys, a 5 year old, Oliver and 2.5 year old twins- Henry and Toby. My breastfeeding journey on both occasions was very different! With my eldest everything went to plan, and I had a relatively straight forward feeding journey. With Henry and Toby things couldn’t have been any different. I was supported in the community by Breastfeeding Together, my peer supporter was a crucial source of support for me. It was this vital support which made me want to complete my level 2 peer support training to support other families and give something back.
I have been volunteering for Breastfeeding together for almost 2 years now, delivering antenatal workshops (most recently our breastfeeding multiples workshop!), supporting mums on the maternity ward, at groups across the borough and live chat sessions. I have also been a community supporter for 18 months, visiting mums in their homes postnatally. I feel so lucky to be able to give women support and information with their feeding choices at such an emotional and special part in their lives.

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