Topic Tuesday-You, me and Empathy

First Published on as part of the Topic Tueday series on 11/06/19.

Each week there seems to be a different ‘day’ that we are recognising. And whilst we are probably not too interested in the Garfield the Cat Day (17th June if you are interested) today is…….. <drum roll>

Empathy Day……. and this is definitely one BfT can get on board with.

Empathy is the very essence of what we do.

“Can you describe empathy?” Is one of the first questions we ask our new trainees as they are working towards being BfT volunteers. And it can take a while for them to really get their heads round it. Empathy is so much more than feeling sorry for someone, or imagining how the other person is feeling. True empaths put themselves in the position of the other person and can relate to how that person is feeling within that situation- and we’ve got an office full of empaths!!!

Empathy allows us to support without prejudice, without judgement and means that we always put that mother and family’s needs first. We may have a mother making different choices than we did or would make, but wonderful empathy means we can understand why, and can fully support that mum with her choices.

When we have empathy, a family feels less defensive and more positive- and that’s when we can really start solving problems together!

Our empathy is real and genuine, we feel your highs and lows with you.

We see with another’s eyes

We hear with another’s ears.

We feel with another’s heart.

We see echoes of ourselves in your story, and genuinely want to support you in your choices.

So actually, it’s a great day to be recognised and celebrated, after all who doesn’t want to feel that they have someone in their corner and on their side.

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