Topic Tuesday-Get your Groupon!

First published on as part of the ‘Topic Tuesday’ series.

Breastfeeding groups-

Perhaps you’ve been given a leaflet about our breastfeeding groups, (along with all the other leaflets you get whilst pregnant and just after baby has been born) Hopefully it’s not been popped in the recycle bin, but here it is again, just in case!

So what are breastfeeding groups about?

Often mums think it might not be for them. What actually happens? Do we have to sit round on a circle and get our boobs out? Is everyone a bit of a hippy? Will it be friendly? Will it be cliquey? Is it for me?

Well, we can’t talk for other groups, but at a BfT our groups are where you’ll hopefully find your village. You’ll find your people.

Our groups are open to all mums giving breastmilk, so exclusive breastfeeders, mixed feeders, exclusive pumpers, supplementary nursing system users are all welcome. You can come with a problem and chat with our supporters or you can just come to get out of the house!

Often we do little activities too! They are the perfect place to practice feeding in public, and just be with other people who ‘get you’ who understand sometimes you want a moan about the challenges of breastfeeding- without being told a bottle is the answer. Who understand the joy of reaching a feeding goal, who understand your worries about returning to work, who understand you.

So why not get your group-on and come along to one of of breastfeeding groups!?

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