Sharing Sunday – Ashley & Ivy-Grace’s Story

First published on as part of the Sharing Sunday series.

I’m Ashley and my little girl is called Ivy-Grace I always wanted to breastfeed from the start of my pregnancy. I was really looking forward to all the benefits it has for my little girl.

When she was born we seemed to be doing well until day 3. She was admitted to hospital with jaundice. Whilst we was there her blood results came back saying she was dehydrated which upset me, making me feel I was letting her down. I was advised to top her up with formula to help hydrate her and get her weight back up.

When we got discharged, Breastfeeding together visited me at home to support with my feeding. I continued to breastfeed because this is what I wanted, but continued to give her some formula too. I also expressed to give her some breastmilk in a bottle so she wasn’t always having the formula. I continued expressing for when I’m not with her due to me being at university for two days, but I didn’t want this getting in the way of our breastfeeding.
The home support from breastfeeding together was fab. I use the Facebook group, Breastfeeding Together Connect and Share, to get information and ask for support.
6 months later my journey still continues. I am still breastfeeding with a nipple shield, and I still Express. I’m so pleased and proud I’ve continued to provide breastmilk for my baby for this long.

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