Endings Lead To New Beginnings

We are saddened that our commissioned service providing hospital support and home visits to breastfeeding mothers in Wigan Borough ended earlier this month.

10 years ago Wigan Borough was forward thinking and invested money in a service that would change thousands of women’s and families’ lives. It’s devastating that such an essential support service has ended for families both now and in the future, who won’t receive the non-judgemental support from our highly skilled and knowledgeable peer supporters.

We are an award winning charity with 65 volunteers and we want to help and support local families but funding is no longer available locally to allow us to deliver any services in Wigan Borough. We did everything we could to try to continue, but ultimately, we chose not to put up a fight. It was clear that the priorities for Wigan had changed and we weren’t included in those future plans. We had to accept that it was time to let go and move forward while we still had the drive and passion to do so.

We are so sorry that the excellent service we have been providing for nearly the last 10 years, is now not considered worthy of local funding, which would have enabled us to continue at least some of our work here. We’d like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has helped and supported us since our service started in Wigan Borough in 2011. Our success has always only been possible because of you all!

However, as anyone who has met any of us from BfT knows, we are a group of passionate and positive women who want to continue to support and empower other women. We always went above and beyond to provide far more than the services we were commissioned to provide, and we are pleased to announce that for the moment we can continue to provide a selection of our essential services (see below for details). In the meantime we will be taking time to plan our future and apply for external funding to allow us to continue these services in the longer term and add more in the future. We may have been down, but we are certainly not out!

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