Topic Tuesday-It’s OK to not be OK

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After we’ve had our baby, it can be very easy to focus on the physical.
We often feel pain and take painkillers – taking much care to ensure they are compatable with breastfeeding to make sure baby is ok too.
We are very aware and focused on what continues to………ahm…. come out of us, and worry about that which doesn’t (thanks iron tabletsĀ )

We take care to ensure our c-section wound or stitches are healing, we do physio, we exercise those pelvic floors- after all it’s hayfever season

It’s very easy amongst all that and looking after a newborn to forget about, or not realise the importance of looking after our mental health. You may not be a person who thinks mental self care is something they need to worry about. You may have never thought about it before, but perhaps this Mental Health Awareness Week is the perfect time to have a think about it.
A new baby brings massive changes to your body, your relationship and your lifestlye, so it’s no wonder this can be a time when mums start to feel less emotionally well.
We may perhaps start thinking about what can we actually do to help ourselves?
Have a little look list below, there’s 10 easy ideas for looking after your mental health.
And if things are feeling too much, we’re always here for a chat.
Our ‘Peace of Mind’ group provides a safe space for you to talk and be listened to without any judgement.
It’s always ok not to be ok, and there’s always support here for you

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