Topic Tuesday – Tea and empathy

First published on on 30/04/19 as part of the Topic Tuesday series.

Never in our lives do things change quite as much as when we become a mum.

It can be exciting and worrying, it can be longed for or unplanned, and it’s never really the same for two mothers or the same for one mother each time.

All these changes along with the unpredictability of pregnancy and the challenges of a newborn can leave mums feeling worried, anxious or alone.

Don’t forget you are never alone.

At BfT we provide mother to mother support. Yes, we’ve had some training, but above anything we are mothers supporting other mothers because we remember.

We remember waiting to be induced, worrying and not understanding what was coming next.

We remember not quite feeling the joy when our baby was placed on us.

We remember the fear of our babies being taken to SCBU.

We remember crying, our breasts sore and leaking, wondering if we are good enough.

We remember checking our babies every 30 minutes.

We remember it all.

We want to be there to let you know there is always someone to talk to.

If you are overwhelmed by pregnancy worries – talk to us.

If you need a phone call to reassure you that your baby is feeding ok- phone us.

If you want someone to listen to you, without judgement or agenda – that’s us.

We’ve even got a new group to facilitate just this, with literal tea and empathy because we get it.

We will be your village, your emotional punch bags, your cheerleaders. After all, us mums can’t pour from an empty pot, so let us keep yours full!

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