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First published on together on 17/04/19

Making a decision to breastfeed your baby may be a very easy one, or not, and it’s a very personal choice. At BfT we’re all about giving families the information they need to be able to make an informed feeding choice.

People need to be aware of all the benefits of breastfeeding, but unfortunately many women are not. Often the only info women have received is ‘breast is best’ which although catchy, doesn’t actually help. It makes breastfeeding seem elitist, that by breastfeeding we are somehow better mothers, and that therefore formula is next best choice (*see last week’s topic Tuesday for feeding choices) Breast isn’t best, it’s the biological norm, it’s what our babies newborn tums are expecting and it’s what our bodies are designed to produce.

Hopefully, with antenatal education, women are becoming more informed of the actual benefits of breastfeeding and giving breast milk – but what we find is many women are focused on the benefits for baby, but what about the benefits for mum?

Breastfeeding provides huge benefits for mum too.

Anyone fancy burning 500 calories a day, sat on your bum watching GOT*, whilst your uterus is being contracted back behind your pelvis, so your ‘bump’ goes down quicker?

What about a reduction in some female cancers? By breastfeeding you reduce your risk of breast and ovarian cancer by around 50%. These cancers can be linked to how many times we ovulate in our life. Less ovulation=Less risk. Breastfeeding tends to suppress ovulation, it’s nature’s way of spacing out our babies, so breastfeeding can have a “NOT TO BE RELIED UPON UNLESS YOU WANT BABIES IN THE SAME SCHOOL YEAR” contraceptive effect!

Breastfeeding reduces a mothers risk of developing osteoporosis (brittle bones) When we breastfeed our calcium stores deplete, but they come back with a vengeance once we stop feeding and that’s what offers us that protection.

There is also a link with the reduction of postnatal depression and breastfeeding. Oxytocin (That love hormone we’re always talking about) is one of the key hormones involved in milk production. More oxytocin = happier mum*!!

Breastfeeding is also so convenient, just take your boobs wherever you go and you’ve got the perfect fast food!

So mums, let’s spread the word, yes breastfeeding is great for baby, but it’s also pretty amazing for you too.

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*Saving £1000 a year by breastfeeding may also contribute to maternal happiness!!

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