Sharing Sunday -Becki & Orlando’s Story

First published on as part of the Sharing Sunday series.

So I’m writing this Sharing Sunday for all the new mummies. I myself am a brand new mum to my 6 week old baby boy. I wish I had joined Breastfeeding Together’s ‘Connect and Share’ Facebook group before actually giving birth. The support you get will really help you on your journey of being a new mum, struggling to take in and understand what’s right and what’s wrong, well that’s what I felt and thought for the first 2-3weeks!
I have quite high anxiety, and struggled at the start and wondered whether I’d actually be able to do it.

You don’t think it’s going to get any easier! Well I can tell you it definitely does! If you feel something is wrong try something different. If you feel like your doing something right, then don’t change what isn’t broken just because you’re told it’s not the right way! I am using nipple shields as I have one flat nipple and one inverted. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to do but I can say I feel like I’m smashing it!

I’ve been going out since he was 1 week old and I can tell you that using nipple shields does not stop you from feeding your beautiful baby out and about! I was so scared of what people would say or think, I was worried about not getting the shield on without people seeing my boob and their opinion on it. I have had a brilliant experience where some lovely ladies actually made the effort to not only smile at me while I felt so vulnerable in the corner feeding my boy for the first time, they came over just before they left and told me how amazing I look after just having a newborn and how well I was doing feeding my baby out in public! I can’t tell you how amazing this made me feel. My first time doing it! It totally lifted my confidence and made me go on to have many more trips out and enjoy my maternity rather than hiding at home for comfort and convenience! The reason I am writing this is so that new mums ignore what everyone thinks about the whole breastfeeding in public! Because it’s nothing like what people say, (being frowned at or being told to cover up, to do it somewhere else) It’s totally the opposite! I was made to feel very comfortable, people smiling and even making conversation with me!

To all the Breastfeeding Together team that come out to our homes! Thank you! (Vikki ) Breastfeeding Together came to visit me as and when I needed, but mostly a weekly visit and I got to see the same supporter when I asked, as this was better for me.

Because without you, I feel it would have taken longer than 6 weeks for me to be where I am now! And honestly I don’t think I’d have had the confidence to carry on. I hope this helps someone in the future.

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