It’s Volunteer’s Week!

#weloveourvolunteers is actually one of our favourite hashtags here at BfT….because we really really do!

Our volunteers come from all walks of life… we have teachers, shop workers, bar staff, stay at home mums, paramedics, singers, dancers (those who think they can sing and dance but team night outs have proved otherwise 🤭) beauticians, drivers….and just about everything in-between. All very different, but what is the same is their passion, their commitment to families and how they strive to make a difference to each and every mother, parent, pregnant woman or person they come into contact with!

They are simply amazing. And never have they amazed us quite so much as they have over the past year. It was a massive change from moving from our lovely face to face groups and pregnancy sessions, to suddenly being only behind a screen or chatting online. They missed the families, were wary of change, and had their own pandemic related concerns to deal with! But…they did it. They built their confidence supporting online, kept their skills and knowledge up to date, continued to provide fantastic support, did additional training and supported each other and BfT through a really tough time.

So this volunteers’ week- more than ever before…thank you. We wouldn’t be where we are, or be able to do what we do without you.