Science Sunday!

There’s a whole lot of ongoing research going on surrounding Covid19, the associated vaccines and how they interact with breastfeeding. We’ve spotted a couple of really interesting reports this week…..

First is a very small study, yet to be peer reviewed but yield’s very promising results. Knowing what we already do about how breastmilk works, we’ve long suspected that any vaccine would create antibodies which could then be found in mothers milk. This study forms the start of proof for this! Read more from the original document here

Next is a much larger UK based study, looking at the relationship between early life factors and Covid19 infection. This one is really fascinating, as it shows a reduction in risk of contraction and suffering Covid complications for those adults who were breastfed in infancy. Of course we can’t change the past, but it goes to prove that the benefits of breastmilk really do last a lifetime and breastfeeding now will help to protect future generations. Find the full report here