Summer is here!

Summer is here, albeit temporarily if the great British weather is anything to go by! We’ve prepared a couple of new info graphics to help you understand the changes we sometimes see when the weather does….

If you’ve got a baby who’s already fed what feels like about 600 times already today in the heat, then you are not alone! It’s very common for babies to take shorter more frequent feeds when the weather is hot. Breastmilk adapts to become more thirst quenching and those shorter feeds provide more of the watery milk that meets their need for hydration. This means that breastfed babies don’t need any extra water, they still get everything they need from the breast! As a side effect, we sometimes notice baby’s poos turn a little more green during this time- that’s down to the increase in watery milk, its usually temporary and will revert to type along with the weather.

Babies can be more sensitive to temperature changes than us as they aren’t able to regulate their own temperature very well just yet, and their skin is also quite sensitive. So it’s also important to protect our little one’s from the sun when it’s so strong and it can be tempting to cover the pram with a blanket whilst out and about. Doing this can restrict airflow and increase the inside temperature. Remove any coverings to allow the air to flow freely and use a suitable sunshade or parasol instead.

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