Top 10 Tips for Breastfeeding in Public!

Let’s talk about breastfeeding in public -it’s one of those things we rarely see when we’re out and about, or maybe it’s just that we’ve never actually noticed? Whatever, it’s something that most of us need to consider while we are breastfeeding and for most of us, just the thought of exposing ourselves in public can be a little daunting! Here at Breastfeeding Together we are huge advocates of responsive feeding, now most of us will know that this is about following our baby’s cues and feeding them as and when they require, but not so many realise that this is also about responding to our own needs too! So in those early days this could mean that if you do need to pop out for short trips, you can offer your baby a breastfeed before you leave, which may well satisfy them enough until you return, meaning you can avoid having to do the deed in public if you don’t yet feel comfortable. As time goes by, both you and your baby will start to become more confident with feeding and it’s at this point most of us want to start getting out and about for longer periods and resuming normal life (whatever that is!) If that time has come, and you are starting to feel a slightly nervous, then don’t worry we all remember the feeling and we are here with our top 10 tips to feeding in public! read more