Meet The Team

Breastfeeding Together consists of a team of both paid staff and volunteers who are highly committed to meeting the needs of breastfeeding mothers in their local community.

Local Wigan-based Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Peer Supporters are rooted in the local community giving the supporters the ideal opportunity to understand local demands. We want to empower the mums of the Wigan borough to help you breastfeed your babies.

Making A Difference

The team are dedicated to making a difference to families and provide an outstanding service for mothers and babies.

Creating Jobs, Benefitting Communities

As a social enterprise Breastfeeding Together is committed to creating jobs, providing volunteering opportunities and offering new skills and development to local people.

As we are a ‘not for profit’ organisation we invest all monies in the local community to benefit families.


Breastfeeding Together vows to make sure our approach and our Peer Supporters are friendly, non-judgemental, knowledgeable, accessible, helpful and empathetic. Over time this will help prevent the negative stereotype of breastfeeding and enable women to feel less pressured and have a more positive attitude towards it.

For more information on Breastfeeding Together please contact us.