Supporting You In Your Breastfeeding Journey

There are so many reasons to breastfeed – from health benefits for both you and your baby to reducing your impact on the environment – but lots of mums find it challenging. That’s why support is so important for anyone considering breastfeeding.

In days gone by support would have been provided by grandmothers, aunts, sisters and female friends – but with the advent of formula feeding many of us don’t have¬†the support we need to succeed.

Wigan breastfeeding peer support

As breastfeeding peer supporters we’ve all breastfed a baby (or babies) before moving on to complete extended training in Breastfeeding Peer Support. Lots of us wouldn’t have succeeded in our breastfeeding journeys without¬†our own peer supporters to help overcome these challenges.

At Breastfeeding Together we offer a variety of services for families both antenatally and postnatally, however long you plan to breastfeed for.