Our Breastfeeding Peer Support training courses have all been developed and are delivered by our team of experienced trainers. Our trainers are all Breastfeeding Peer Support Practitioners, who have a proven track record of success in delivering training and over 20 years of experience supporting women/parents and their families with breastfeeding and infant feeding.

We currently offer 3 different Breastfeeding Peer Support training courses. These courses are suitable for mothers/parents who are breastfeeding or have previously breastfed.

More detailed information on the individual courses can be found below.

Our Breastfeeding Peer Support Training Courses:

Breastfeeding Peer Support 1

Breastfeeding Peer Support 1 is designed for mothers/parents who have  breastfed (chestfed, nursed or given human milk) their own babies. Our introductory course is perfect for those who would like to gain a greater understanding of the Peer Support Role, as well as gaining some of the basic skills and knowledge needed before beginning to support breastfeeding families. It may be more suitable for those who would like some basic skills rather than more in depth Peer Support training. 

Breastfeeding Peer Support 2

Breastfeeding Peer Support 2 is our intermediate course, designed for those with some existing breastfeeding knowledge, such as that gained on our Breastfeeding Peer Support 1 course, or those further along in their own feeding journey. You need to have breastfed (chestfed, nursed or given human milk) for a minimum of 4 weeks to attend this course. It’s perfect for mothers/parents wanting to develop their breastfeeding knowledge and peer support skills, with a view to becoming a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter.

Breastfeeding Peer Support 3

Breastfeeding Peer Support 3 is our advanced course, designed for more experienced Breastfeeding Peer Supporters who have breastfed for a minimum of 4 weeks, and have existing breastfeeding knowledge, such as that gained on our Breastfeeding Peer Support 2 course. It’s perfect for Breastfeeding Peer Supporters who would like to learn more, to progress within their role, increase their confidence in all areas of the peer support role by building on existing knowledge, skills and experience.

To Book:

Individuals can click here to view available courses and book via Eventbrite.

For organisations who wish to book on behalf of a group, please email our training team at training@breastfeedingtogether.co.uk  to discuss your requirements.