Maternal Mental Health this Christmas.

Christmas and caring for a family – particularly if you have a new baby can put massive pressure on you, so it’s no wonder this can be a time when some mums start to feel less emotionally well.

We may perhaps start thinking about what can we actually do to help ourselves? The link below it talks over looking after your mental health at Christmas time. If things are feeling too much, we’re always here for a chat.

It’s always ok not to be ok, and there’s always support here for you.
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FREE Christmas Keepsake Craft!

We love a Keepsake craft here at Breastfeeding Together and we have one for just about every occasion!

This year we have a brand new set of printables for you to download and make your own Christmas cards with your baby’s feet!

All you need is some kid friendly poster paints, a chunky brush and a packet of baby wipes. Just paint those little feet, make an imprint on the card and you’re good to go. You can also add eyes and a nose to rudolf too or maybe decorate our Christmas tree.

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