Easter Craft- FREE Download

Are you celebrating your little ones first Easter this year? Why not have a go at making a keepsake footprint bunny! All you’ll need is a drop of poster paint, a ball of cotton wool and a spot of glue (and maybe an extra pair of hands to help you hold baby while you paint those little toes!) You can download and print our template here-

easter cardDownload

Science Sunday!

There’s a whole lot of ongoing research going on surrounding Covid19, the associated vaccines and how they interact with breastfeeding. We’ve spotted a couple of really interesting reports this week…..

First is a very small study, yet to be peer reviewed but yield’s very promising results. Knowing what we already do about how breastmilk works, we’ve long suspected that any vaccine would create antibodies which could then be found in mothers milk. This study forms the start of proof for this! Read more from the original document here read more