Topic Tuesday- The Generation Game

Often one of the best assets new families have are the grandparents.
Providers of practical support, childcare and financial backing! What would we do without them?
We know that grandparents provide children with so much, and the relationship between new parents and their parents gives children their first insights into how families work.

The feedback we got from new families was that their own parents were a great source of support, but it was often difficult as much of the information had changed and parents were torn between listening to advice from their parents and wanting to follow the research based information given to them. read more

Our Queens Award Presentation

You might remember back in June, Breastfeeding Together were named as recipients of The Queens award for Voluntary Service!

We had really hoped that by now we’d be able to receive the award in a lavish ceremony, and throw a huge party for all our wonderful volunteers.

Yet as with so many things in 2020, that wasn’t meant to be and in the end it was a simple affair, as yesterday our directors officially accepted the award from The Queen’s representative.

And here it is!

  • Our silver lining of 2020
  • Our Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service- Signed by Her Majesty herself, in recognition of the amazing work we do, and the impact we have had on our community.

So, although we can’t have the celebration we really want, it doesn’t make this any less special. We are overwhelmed all over again, just as we were back in June. We cannot thank our volunteers and all of those who have continued to support and believe in us enough, we couldn’t have done it without you! read more

Sharing Sunday-Abigail and Francis’ Story

On the back of World mental health day yesterday, and as this week (October 9-15) is Baby Loss Awareness Week, we are honoured that Abigail has chosen to share her story with us.

This one comes with a trigger warning, as it discusses baby loss.

And if you do read on, make sure you have tissues close to hand!

Thank you to Abigail and Francis for sharing, you are truly inspirational.

When I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to “at least try breastfeeding, but I wasn’t going to get hung up over it if I couldn’t do it”. But as soon as my baby, Francis was born in June 2019 I became obsessed with all things breastfeeding. I think it was due to all the amazing support I had from the hospital, Breastfeeding Together and family that got me through those tricky first few weeks and made breastfeeding such an amazing experience. I would breastfeed anywhere and everywhere, and I loved every second of it. Francis was born with a Congenital Heart Defect, and I knew that breastfeeding was giving him the best possible chance in life. However, at just 6 months old my baby boy suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in my arms due to his heart condition. read more

Additional Services are now here!

We are pleased to announce the services which The National Lottery Community Fund will allow us to provide!

This funding allows us to continue-

Our Live Web Chat which runs daily from 10am-1pm & 7pm-10pm accessed by clicking the chat icon in the corner of the screen.

Our popular online Facebook support group ‘Breastfeeding Together-Connect & Share’

It also allows us to introduce the following new services-

Our Breastfeeding Support Line is back! Speak to a trained supporter between 10am-10pm daily on 07742 234496

2 new online support groups-  Bumps and Brew for pregnant women & Boobs and Brews for infant feeding support. Find details of both groups here. read more