Topic Tuesday-And I still….haven’t found……what I’m looking for.

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Surely such a little inoffensive word couldn’t cause a problem.
Well, not always, but when it’s put into a sentence with ‘breastfeeding’ somehow it slowly starts to question what we do.

“So are you still enjoying breastfeeding?”

“You still breastfeed them whenever they want?”

“You still want them breastfeeding?”

“Are you still breastfeeding?” read more

Meet the team-Sue

My name is Sue and I have one daughter who I breastfed for over 3 years.
I received help off Breastfeeding Together when she was first born and we had a difficult start to our journey but with the help and support from the team made a huge amount of difference and our journey took off.
I supported my sister with her breastfeeding journey and was encouraged to train as a peer supporter on the Level 2 course which I started in October 2016.
I have worked in community and volunteer at groups, antenatal sessions, live chat and on the ward.
Most recently I’ve been working with a local high school delivering breastfeeding information to the pupils studying Child Development.
I’m luckily enough to be completing the Level 3 course as well.
I love supporting mums and their families in anyway I can.
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Topic Tuesday-It’s OK to not be OK

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After we’ve had our baby, it can be very easy to focus on the physical.
We often feel pain and take painkillers – taking much care to ensure they are compatable with breastfeeding to make sure baby is ok too.
We are very aware and focused on what continues to………ahm…. come out of us, and worry about that which doesn’t (thanks iron tablets )

We take care to ensure our c-section wound or stitches are healing, we do physio, we exercise those pelvic floors- after all it’s hayfever season read more

Meet the Team- Jemma

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I’m Jemma.

I am a mum of two, who I have both breastfed. With my first our journey had a bit of a bumpy start but with the support of BFT we got through those early days and managed to keep going. 

I decided to train as a peer supporter in 2016 to help other mums on their breastfeeding journey and it’s one of the best things I have ever done.

It’s so important that new families get unbiased up to date information and support and I love being part of a team that provides that 😊 read more

Sharing Sunday-Danielle’s story

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It’s been 6 months of exclusively breastfeeding this little monkey! I am so pleased, hasn’t been the easiest journey for me but by far one of my greatest achievements 🌟

Thanks so much to the ‘boob group’ at Leigh and the Breastfeeding Together peer supporters for all the nice crafts, obviously 😂 … and for always reminding me to not give up on a bad day. You are all amazing 💖 read more

Topic Tuesday – A-peer-ances can be deceptive.

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You’ve had your baby you’re home, midwife’s been and your phone rings!!

📞📞“Hi, it’s Sarah* ( *We have more Sarah’s than any other name So seems likely!😂) from Breastfeeding Together, the breastfeeding peer support service in Wigan. We’re due to come out and visit you at home tomorrow, is that ok?” You agree, after all no one ever really wants less support when it comes to breastfeeding! read more

Sharing Sunday- Jenny’s Story

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Our little girl is 6 months today and I’m so proud to have silver boobies today! 6 months of EBF my little princess after a difficult first 4-6 weeks with Tongue Tie, nipple shields and exclusively expressing for a week we have made it Hoping for another 6+ months! (would never have thought I’d be this emotional about it!!!)

So thankful for all the support from the peer supporters in the first 6 weeks and the rest of you friendly bunch for all your encouragement and the breastfeeding together connect and share facebook group ! read more

Meet the Team- Sarah (Yes, another one!)

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Hello, my name is Sarah Harrison and I have a 2-year-old son who I breastfed for 11 months.

I delivered at Wigan and attended all the antenatal sessions offered. I was grateful for the resources and information provided as I was able to research being a good mum and caring and bonding with my baby as it was particularly difficult with my son being in neonatal intensive care for 9 days following birth. We had been transferred over to Manchester Children’s Hospital and during this time I used live chat support and Facebook connect and share to ask questions about establishing breastfeeding through exclusively expressing when I could not get my son to the breast as he was too poorly. I cannot express how much of a lifeline this online support was in those early days. Once we were home, I attended groups to speak with peer supporters regarding position and attachment and used live chat support for any questions that I had. read more

Topic Tuesday – Tea and empathy

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Never in our lives do things change quite as much as when we become a mum.

It can be exciting and worrying, it can be longed for or unplanned, and it’s never really the same for two mothers or the same for one mother each time.

All these changes along with the unpredictability of pregnancy and the challenges of a newborn can leave mums feeling worried, anxious or alone.

Don’t forget you are never alone. read more