Peace of mind- New group launching 30/04/19

Today is the start of Maternal Mental Health Week hosted by the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership.

To mark the occasion, our new ‘Peace of Mind’ emotional wellbeing group is starting tomorrow. Running weekly at Ince Startwell Family Centre, we hope this will become somewhere that mums and mums to be can come along to share their inner thoughts and recieve meaningful support from our non judgemental team of peer supporters.

💗Maternal mental health really does matter!

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Sharing Sunday-Tania & Jasmines Story

First published on on 28/04/19 as part of the sharing sunday series.

I always knew I’d like to breastfeed. My mum had breastfed me, and I just knew it that it was what I wanted to do. I was adamant that if for any reason breastfeeding didn’t work out for us, I’d be happy that I’d tried and I would give her formula instead. However, I largely underestimated my own determination (and maybe stubbornness).

Unfortunately, I had to be induced at 39 weeks due to excess fluid around Jasmine. My labour was long and intense, and by the time she was born I had been pushing for two full hours, and awake for almost 48 hours. To say I was exhausted would be an understatement! But she latched on perfectly within 20 minutes of being born and fed for forty minutes. I was over the moon and the rush of hormones and love were something I couldn’t even describe. read more

Topic Tuesday-Summer…Summer… Summertime…..

First published on on 23/05/19 as part of the sharing sunday series.

Finally the sun is shining!!

And while in the BfT office we have our own air conditioning related issues to deal with  we know that lots of our mums and babies are struggling too!

Often babies can become a bit more unsettled in the heat, keep them as cool as you can and out of direct sunlight and feed feed feed!

Exclusively breastfed babies don’t need cool boiled water or any additional drinks, your milk will become more watery and thirst quenching in the heat to meet your baby’s needs. This can sometimes result in heavier wet nappies or the occasional green poo, which should go back to yellow if (when!) the weather goes cooler again. Remember you can’t over feed a baby at the breast, so ‘If in doubt, boob out’- you can simply meet their needs for food, drink or comfort, any time any place. read more

Meet The Team- Sarah

Hi I’m Sarah,

One of the many who work within BFT. I have two monsters who drive me crazy, but am more than lucky to have.

I was unsuccessful in feeding my eldest due to no support and listening to others instead of myself. I was however very successful second time round and am now feeding a 3 year old. After moving to the Borough, I realised how much support mothers got and wanted to be a part of it, and help give mums the support and assurance that I never received with my first.

I applied and trained in 2017, and I am so glad that I did as I get to see so many new mums come and see how much their babies grow each week and am currently found at the Leigh group on Windermere road on a Thursday afternoon. read more

Topic Tuesday- Mum’s the word!

First published on together on 17/04/19

Making a decision to breastfeed your baby may be a very easy one, or not, and it’s a very personal choice. At BfT we’re all about giving families the information they need to be able to make an informed feeding choice.

People need to be aware of all the benefits of breastfeeding, but unfortunately many women are not. Often the only info women have received is ‘breast is best’ which although catchy, doesn’t actually help. It makes breastfeeding seem elitist, that by breastfeeding we are somehow better mothers, and that therefore formula is next best choice (*see last week’s topic Tuesday for feeding choices) Breast isn’t best, it’s the biological norm, it’s what our babies newborn tums are expecting and it’s what our bodies are designed to produce. read more

Sharing Sunday- Sarah and Austin’s story.

First published on on 14/04/19 as part of the sharing sunday series.

Prior to trying breastfeeding, I never really liked the idea of it to be honest. I never thought it would feel natural. From the beginning, myself and my wife always said I would give breastfeeding a try, but if I didn’t want to or if I couldn’t then we were more than happy to formula feed after those first few feeds of colostrum.
However after his arrival, it becane more important and I became more stubborn, as the times he did latch well, I absolutely loved it and felt so proud that I was directly feeding our son the goodness that comes with breast milk. read more

Topic Tuesday-Donations welcome!

First published on as part of the Topic Tuesday series.

Feeding choices, The World Health Organisation gives us five different feeding choices, when it comes to feeding our babies, and lists them in the order of preference.

Four of these are quite well known.

We’ve got exclusive breastfeeding and expressed breast milk coming in as first and second and a combination of breastmilk and formula milk, and exclusive formula feeding as number 4 and 5. read more

Meet the team- Jess


My name is Jess, I have 2 young sons, both of which I breastfed for different amounts of time, after intensive support with my second I decided I wanted to give something back and applied to do the Level 2 Peer Support training, I completed this in March 2018 and have been actively volunteering since. I have volunteered across many different settings but I mainly volunteer on our live chat service or on the maternity ward.

In July 2018 I was lucky enough to be offered a paid role with Breastfeeding Together, I provide information to mums antenatally at various clinical settings across the borough and also visit mums postnatally to provide them with breastfeeding support. read more

Sharing Sunday – Ashley & Ivy-Grace’s Story

First published on as part of the Sharing Sunday series.

I’m Ashley and my little girl is called Ivy-Grace I always wanted to breastfeed from the start of my pregnancy. I was really looking forward to all the benefits it has for my little girl.

When she was born we seemed to be doing well until day 3. She was admitted to hospital with jaundice. Whilst we was there her blood results came back saying she was dehydrated which upset me, making me feel I was letting her down. I was advised to top her up with formula to help hydrate her and get her weight back up. read more